LarTech Solutions, LLC is a Woman-owned minority business providing strategizing services within the Information Technology industry.  Founded by Tamara Walker in 2002, the company expanded it's services offering quality work to help individuals and companies become productive and competitive with their market.  With over 20 years of experiences, Tamara has been passionate with exploring new ideas for businesses with utilizing working and educational experiences.  LarTech Solutions offers excellent services such as website development, marketing designing, coaching, tutoring, technical writing, business analysis, consumer advocacy, and much more.


It was imperative for Tamara to collectively combined all the training and educational background experiences to develop an entity of her own.  Unlike some business owners, Tamara is very passionate with her customers and take the effort to understand the needs of the clients to reach the ultimate goal. 


Tamara has earned a Bachelor's degree in E-Commerce\Web Development and a MBA in Technology Management.  Tamara has enhanced her skills and move forward with becoming Six Sigma Green Belt certified.  While continuing to remain competitive, LarTech Solutions has expanded the services in developing and creating products such as clothing, party favors, and extensive line of marketing products. 



Since we opened our doors, we’ve always put our customers first. After all, they’re at the core of everything we do. Check out our list of services below to learn more about how you can have the best shopping experience possible.

  • Website Development

  • Business cards creation

  • Product creation (tshirts, mugs, bags, blankets, etc.)

  • Resume building

  • Brochures creation

  • Marketing Materials creation

  • Merchandise labeling

  • Couponing class teaching

  • Party favors creation (table tents, candy bars, toppers, chip bags, water bottles)

  • And much more.......


The goal is to continue to provide excellent customer service satisfaction, remain dependable and reliable, and to become one of the prestigious Woman-owned business consultant worldwide.


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